Verb Tense: Writing Skills Success Practice Exercises

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Updated on Apr 25, 2014

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Practice Exercises

Practice Exercise: Present, Past, and Past Participle

Circle the correct form of the verb in each of the following sentences. The answers can be found at the end of the lesson.

  1. Agnes (writes, wrote, written) in her diary every day last week.
  2. Mr. Marks has not (do, did, done) a very good job of communicating with the staff.
  3. Michael has (fly, flew, flown) countless times across the Atlantic.
  4. Louise had already (speak, spoke, spoken) to the insurance agent several times.
  5. They (give, gave, given) his little brother a hard time whenever they see him.
  6. Has your department (go, went, gone) to lunch?
  7. Jason (see, saw, seen) the car leaving the parking area.
  8. The city has not yet (begin, began, begun) the new recycling program.
  9. Olivia couldn't believe that she had actually (forget, forgot, forgotten) the key to her office again.
  10. Jonathan was very nervous when he (take, took, taken) his place at the podium.

Practice Exercise: Past, Future, and Subjunctive Mood

Circle the correct verb form in each of the following sentences.

  1. They (had won, won, win) five competitions before qualifying for Nationals.
  2. By the time I get to Phoenix, he will (read, have read) my good-bye letter.
  3. The scientist explained why Saturn (is, was) surrounded by rings.
  4. I would ask for a transfer if I (was, were) you.
  5. Just this past August, the interest rate (drops, dropped, had dropped) 2%.
  6. The doctor took my pulse and (measures, measured) my blood pressure.
  7. The president wishes he would (of, have) taken a stock option rather than a salary increase.
  8. Boswick wishes he had ordered a bigger sweatshirt because his (is, was) too small.
  9. Ms. Grey announced that the floor manager (is, was) responsible for work schedules.
  10. We could cut transportation costs if the plant (was, were) closer to the retail outlets.


  1. wrote
  2. done
  3. flown
  4. spoken
  5. give
  6. gone
  7. saw
  8. begun
  9. forgotten
  10. took
  11. had won
  12. have read
  13. is
  14. were
  15. dropped
  16. measured
  17. have
  18. is
  19. is
  20. were
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