Verbal Analogy Practice Set 3 (page 2)

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Updated on Aug 10, 2011


  1. b. A petal is a part of a flower; a tire is a part of a bicycle.
  2. d. A bristle is a part of a brush; a key is a part of a piano.
  3. a. A group of fish is a school; a group of wolves is a pack.
  4. a. An odometer measures distance; a scale measures weight.
  5. d. Siamese is a kind of cat; romaine is a kind of lettuce.
  6. e. A pedal propels a bicycle; an oar propels a canoe.
  7. c. Pulsate and throb are synonyms, as are examine and scrutinize.
  8. c. Pulsate and throb are synonyms, as are examine and scrutinize.
  9. e. Depressed is an intensification of sad; exhausted is an intensification of tired.
  10. a. A psychologist treats a neurosis; an ophthalmologist treats a cataract.
  11. e. A binding surrounds a book; a frame surrounds a picture.
  12. b. One explores to discover; one researches to learn.
  13. c. Upon harvesting, cotton is gathered into bales; grain is gathered into shocks.
  14. a. Division and section are synonyms; layer and tier are synonyms.
  15. a. Pastoral describes rural areas; metropolitan describes urban areas.
  16. d. A waitress works in a restaurant; a teacher works in a school.
  17. c. A finch is a type of bird; a Dalmatian is a type of dog.
  18. e. To drizzle is to rain slowly; to jog is to run slowly.
  19. c. A skein is a quantity of yarn; a ream is a quantity of paper.
  20. b. To tailor a suit is to alter it; to edit a manuscript is to alter it.
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