Verbal Reasoning Practice (page 2)

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  1. c. Since Erin's parents think a dog would not be happy in an apartment, we can reasonably conclude that the family lives in an apartment. We do not know if Erin's parents dislike dogs (choice a) or if Erin dislikes birds (choice b). There is no support for choice d.
  2. d. It is reasonable to conclude that Mike likes singing and dancing because he looks forward to doing these things at music camp. There is no information that supports any of the other three choices.
  3. c. Given the information presented, the only statement that could be considered true is that the fruit should not be eaten because it is poisonous. There is no support that taxol is poisonous or that taxol has cured anyone (choices a and b). There is no support for choice d.
  4. a. Because Mr. Sanchez spends many hours during the weekend working in his vegetable garden, it is reasonable to suggest that he enjoys this work. There is no information to suggest that he does not like classical music. Although Mrs. Sanchez likes to cook, there is nothing that indicates she cooks vegetables (choice c). Mrs. Sanchez likes to read, but there is no information regarding the types of books she reads (choice d).
  5. b. The passage tells us that Tim's commute didn't bother him because he was always able to sit down and comfortably read or do paperwork. Therefore, it is reasonable to assume that Tim's commute has become less comfortable since the schedule change, because it is very crowded and he can no longer find a seat. There is no information given that supports choices a, c, and d.
  6. d. The first sentence makes this statement true. There is no support for choice a. The passage tells us that the spa vacation is more expensive than the island beach resort vacation, but that doesn't necessarily mean that the spa is overpriced; therefore, choice b cannot be supported. And even though the paragraph says that the couple was relieved to find a room on short notice, there is no information to support choice c, which says that it is usually necessary to book at the spa at least six months in advance.
  7. b. Since the seahorse populations have declined as a result of fishing, their populations will increase if seahorse fishing is banned. There is no support for any of the other choices.
  8. a. The fact that Vincent and Thomas live on the same street indicates that they live in the same neighborhood. There is no support for any of the other choices.
  9. d. If Georgia is older than Marsha and Bart is older than Georgia, then Marsha has to be the youngest of the three. Choice b is clearly wrong because Bart is the oldest. There is no information in the paragraph to support either choice a or choice c.
  10. c. If there were seven shows left and five were sitcoms, this means that only two of the shows could possibly be dramas. Choices a and b may be true, but there is no evidence to indicate this as fact. The fact that all of the sitcoms remained does not necessarily mean that viewers prefer sitcoms (choice d).
  11. c. Since the paragraph states that Marlee is the younger cousin, Sara must be older than Marlee. There is no information to support the other choices.
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