Verbs: Writing Skills Success Practice Exercises

Updated on Aug 25, 2011

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Practice Exercises

Active Voice

Choose the sentence written in active voice from each of the following sets. The answers to each set of questions can be found at the end.

    1. Holly and Ryan played Monopoly all afternoon.
    2. Holly and Ryan were playing Monopoly all afternoon.
    1. Next October, the new wing of the library will be opening.
    2. Next October, the new wing of the library will open.
    1. Three new members were introduced by the committee.
    2. The committee introduced three new members.
    1. The shrubs will be planted by the gardener.
    2. The gardener will plant the shrubs.
    1. I brought Kevin to school every day for the past month.
    2. I was bringing Kevin to school every day for the past month.
    1. The company barbecue is often planned by the accounting department.
    2. The accounting department often plans the company barbecue.
    1. Every summer, thousands of tourists will visit the island.
    2. Every summer, the island will be visited by thousands of tourists.

Using Verbs

Choose the best sentence from each set.

    1. Incredibly useful feedback was given by the committee members about the proposed fund-raiser.
    2. The committee members gave incredibly useful feedback about the proposed fund-raiser.
    1. The campsite was set up by the group of scouts quickly and then they went to the mess tent for lunch.
    2. The group of scouts swiftly set up camp, then headed to the mess tent for lunch.
    1. Those who hire customer service representatives think that an excellent phone manner is more important than previous work experience.
    2. Those responsible for the hiring of customer service representatives have a greater consideration for the manner in which applicants speak on the phone than they do for the work experience they bring to the job.
    1. There are three rules that you should follow when you play this game.
    2. You should follow three rules when you play this game.
    1. There are several options we have to choose from: fish, chicken, steak, or pasta.
    2. Several choices are offered: fish, chicken, steak, or pasta.
    1. Jack ran fast to the store; trying get there before they closed.
    2. Jack raced to get to the store before it closed.
    1. The applicant must have excellent programming skills.
    2. It is necessary for the applicant to have excellent programming skills.


  1. a.
  2. b.
  3. b.
  4. b.
  5. a.
  6. b.
  7. a.
  8. b.
  9. b.
  10. a.
  11. b.
  12. b.
  13. b.
  14. a.
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