Types of Verbs Practice Exercises

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Updated on Sep 21, 2011

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Types of Verbs Practice Exercises

Practice Exercise 1

Identify the action verbs in the following sentences. You may check your answers with the key at the end of the lesson.

  1. The clock in the living room chimed every hour.
  2. You need a paperclip to secure the papers.
  3. Open your book to page 15.
  4. Uncle Drew cast his fishing line off the edge of the pier.
  5. Lexi considered Morgan to be her best friend.
  6. Marcia watched the squirrel hop from limb to limb.
  7. Heather understood why.


1. chimed
2. need
3. Open
4. cast
5. considered
6. watched, hop
7. understood

Practice Exercise 2

Determine whether the italicized verbs in the following sentences are action or linking verbs.

8. Mom's chicken and dumplings taste too salty for some reason.
9. Charlotte grew green and yellow peppers in her container garden.
10. We turned at the light and headed home.
11. Pop grew angry when we didn't listen carefully.
12. She liked to smell the flowers when she walked past the vase.
13. The air smelled stale, so we opened the window.
14. Christian and Louise tasted Aunt Betty's delicious peach cobbler.
15. Jodi's white socks turned pink in the wash.


8. linking
9. action
10. action
11. linking
12. action
13. linking
14. action
15. linking

Practice Exercise 3

Identify the verb phrases in the following sentences. Then, identify the helping verbs and the main verbs. You may check your answers with the key at the end of the lesson.

16. Steven and Craig must have had permission to leave early.
17. Mitsy should vacuum the carpet before she dusts the furniture.
18. The remote control must have fallen behind the sofa cushion.
19. It was understood that the group would be meeting in the commons after school.
20. Jesse will not be going to soccer practice this afternoon.
21. Meghan might not have practiced enough for her recital.
22. The weatherman thinks it might snow tomorrow afternoon.


16. Verb phrase: must have had; helping verb(s): must have; main verb: had
17. Verb phrase: should vacuum; helping verb(s): should; main verb: vacuum
18. Verb phrase: must have fallen; helping verb(s): must have; main verb: fallen
19. Verb phrase: was understood; helping verb(s): was; main verb: understood
  Verb phrase: would be meeting; helping verb(s): would be; main verb: meeting
20. Verb phrase: will be going; helping verb(s): will be; main verb: going
21. Verb phrase: might have practiced; helping verb(s): might have; main verb: practiced
22. Verb phrase: might snow; helping verb(s): might; main verb: snow


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