Studying Homophones Practice Exercises

Updated on Jul 15, 2011

Read the following study guide for a concept review:

Studying Homophones Study Guide

Activity 1: THIS ONE OR THAT?

Read each sentence below. Write the best homonym(s) to make the sentence make sense.

  1. My parents recently told me that I was _____ (allowed/aloud) to join a _____ (band/banned).
  2. With a grin, my dad said that as long as he wasn't _____ (billed/build) for the supply of earplugs the family had to buy, he was happy.
  3. I just raised my _____ (browse/brows) at him and shook my head.
  4. When I practice late at night, I try to be _____ (discreet/discrete) when I hit the _____ (cymbals/symbols) so I don't wake anyone up.
  5. My mom had already _____ (discussed/disgust) that problem with me until she was almost _____ (horse/hoarse).
  6. Since I have better manners than the average _____ (gorilla/guerilla), I tried to follow her rules.
  7. One day, when I appear on American _____ (Idol/Idle/Idyll), I can buy my own recording studio and loud music will not _____ (incite/insight) a family riot.
  8. Keeping my parents happy is an important _____ (lessen/lesson) I've learned because if I don't, _____ (morning/mourning) is sure to follow!
  9. In the garage, I put one _____ (pair/pear/pare) of speakers next to my Dad's _____ (stationary/stationery) bike.
  10. Under one speaker, I found a _____ (tracked/tract) of old spiritual _____ (verses/versus).
  11. I didn't know _____ (weather/whether) to keep it.
  12. When I _____ (whirled/world) around, I saw a spot on a shelf and hid it underneath a bottle of _____ (whine/wine).


Read each statement. Write T if the underlined word is used correctly. Write F if it isn't.

  1. My teacher asked me to read the Shakespeare sonnet aloud.
  2. I just found out that his writing was once band from some schools.
  3. Apparently there were some questions and controversy about the symbols he used.
  4. A few were less than discrete in their double meanings.
  5. This was a brand new incite into his writing for me.
  6. It was a lessen I could actually be interested in, I thought.
  7. I spent the morning poring over Shakespeare's words.
  8. I must have spent two hours just on his versus.
  9. I don't know whether I missed the double meanings or if they just weren't there.
  10. "It was disappointing not to find something controversial," I wined to my mother.

Activity 3: WORD MIX-UP

Unscramble each vocabulary word and write it correctly.

  1. ldalewo  
  2. nndabe  
  3. eorwbs  
  4. aymcbl  
  5. derscite  
  6. distgsu  
  7. iarolgl  
  8. shoear  
  9. dlyli  
  10. nisthgi  
  11. roniumgn  
  12. aarotnsyit  
  13. wtaheer  
  14. eidhwlr  
  15. nwieh  

Activity 4: GET CREATIVE!

On the lines below, write a story using at least five of the vocabulary words from this lesson. Make sure you use the correct homophone.


All these homophones are hidden in this puzzle. Look across, down, diagonally, and backward to find them.

Whats the Difference Handling Homophones


Activity 1: THIS ONE OR THAT?

  1. allowed; band
  2. billed
  3. brows
  4. discreet; cymbals
  5. discussed; hoarse
  6. either one
  7. Idol; incite
  8. lesson; mourning
  9. pair; stationary
  10. tract; verses
  11. whether
  12. whirled; wine

Activity 2: TRUE OR FALSE?

  1. True
  2. False
  3. True
  4. False
  5. False
  6. False
  7. True
  8. False
  9. True
  10. False

Activity 3: WORD MIX-UP

  1. allowed
  2. banned
  3. browse
  4. cymbal
  5. discreet/discrete
  6. disgust
  7. gorilla
  8. hoarse
  9. idyll
  10. insight
  11. mourning
  12. stationary
  13. weather
  14. whirled
  15. whine

Activity 4: GET CREATIVE

There are no right or wrong answers for this activity. However, you may wish to have a family member, friend, or teacher review your response and give feedback.


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