Homonyms: Spelling Review Practice Exercises

Updated on Aug 25, 2011

Read the following study guide for a concept review:

Homonyms: Spelling Review Study Guide


Fill in the following blanks with either there, their, or they're.

  1. The Ambersons are having _____ annual holiday party tonight.
  2. Are you staying here or going _____?
  3. The rock band had _____ first hit in 2005.
  4. _____ happy that we came to _____ restaurant.
  5. The first time I saw _____ new puppy, I knew he belonged _____.


In the following, use your knowledge of sentence structure and word definitions to choose the italicized word that best fits the sentence.

  1. The threat of a potential storm made me feel (tense/tents) all day.
  2. We're taking a helicopter ride that (soars/sores) over the Grand Canyon.
  3. Once you've hooked a fish, you have to wind the line to (real/reel) it in.
  4. You should (mince/mints) the celery into tiny pieces before adding it to the stew.
  5. We began our (ascent/assent) at the foot of the hill.


Decide which commonly confused word belongs in each of the following sentences.

  1. Ms. Richards said she will still (accept/except) my social studies assignment, even though it's late.
  2. The overwhelming smell of paint in the room made it difficult to (breath/breathe).
  3. (Who/Whom) might I say is calling?
  4. If you enjoy singing more (than/then) dancing, (than/then) you should quit the pompom squad and join the choir.
  5. When giving a speech, it is important to thank the speaker who (preceded/ proceeded) you.


Decide which homonym, or frequently confused word belongs in each of the following sentences. Then, write that word in the corresponding puzzle. When you're done, enter the letters in the shaded boxes into the blanks to find the answer to the riddle.

  1. Please (grate/great) this cheese for the salad.
  2. My dad's new office is being built on this (site/cite).
  3. To (mints/mince) garlic, you must cut it into tiny pieces.
  4. It isn't always easy to (adopt/adapt) to life changes.
  5. The prisoner must return to his (cell/sell) at the end of each day.
  6. The (peals/peels) of the church bells could be heard in the distance.
  7. This tie (compliments/complements) your outfit nicely.
  8. The judge asked if the (counsel/council) for the defense was ready.
  9. "I challenge you to a (dual/duel)!" shouted the knight.
  10. The weather is supposed to be (fair/fare) to sunny on Friday.
  11. I would have taken the joke (farther/further), but my mom was getting irritated.
  12. We're selling candy bars to get new uniforms for our soccer (team/teem).
  13. My parents bought a (stationery/stationary) bicycle for our exercise room.
  14. Mr. Collins has a great (breathe/breadth) of knowledge.
  15. One (principle/principal) that I believe in is "do unto others as you would have them do unto you."
  16. It takes a lot of (capital/capitol) to start a business.
  17. I lie on my back and watch the birds (sore/soar) through the sky.
  18. Jeremy had the (write/right) answer for number 26.
  19. We weren't allowed to take any (excess/access) baggage on the flight.


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