Reading Language and Style Practice Test (page 2)

Updated on Sep 20, 2011


  1. a. The passage states, "In 1991, her company was profiled in Business Week magazine."
  2. b. While it does seem that Ms. Crawford must be very smart since she has been so successful, that is not the main idea that governs the whole paragraph. Instead, the paragraph highlights her dedication to the town and local community since she moved there. Choice c can't be correct because although the paragraph indicates that Ms. Crawford is very valuable, it does not say that Springfield would be nowhere without her. This is an inference you might make but cannot support.
  3. b. Although the sentence does contain fact (Ms. Crawford moved to Springfield in 1985), the sentence makes an assertion about those years since 1985: Ms. Crawford has been a model citizen all those years. This is an assertion, an opinion that needs evidence. The rest of the paragraph provides that evidence.
  4. c. The best clue to determine the meaning of this word is found in the last sentence, which says that Ms. Crawford is being honored for "all her cutting-edge efforts on behalf of our community." Since her efforts on behalf of the community have been cutting-edge, we can assume that her business model, which includes a great deal of community work and fundraising and is described as innovative, must also be cutting-edge. Therefore, the definition of innovative must be similar to cutting-edge, so the likely choice is inventive.
  5. c. The paragraph follows Ms. Crawford's contribution to the community from the time she moved to Springfield in 1985 to the present.
  6. c. This paragraph uses the objective third-person point of view. There is no I or we (first person) or you (second person), and the only pronouns the paragraph uses are the third-person pronouns she and her.

Practice Passage 2

Now try another paragraph. Don't forget to mark it up as you read and make observations. Pay special attention to language and style.

There will be dire consequences for residents if a shopping mall is built on the east side of town. First, the shopping mall will interfere with the tranquil and quiet atmosphere that we now enjoy. Second, the mall will attract a huge number of shoppers from a variety of surrounding areas, which will result in major traffic congestion for those of us who live here. But most importantly, to build the shopping mall, many of us will be asked to sell our homes and relocate, and this kind of displacement should be avoided at all costs.
  1. The main idea of this passage is that the shopping mall would
    1. be great for the community.
    2. not change things much.
    3. be bad for the community.
  2. Displacement is a good word choice because
    1. it is compatible with general reading level and the formal writing style of the article.
    2. the writer likes to impress readers by using big words.
    3. it is the only word that is suitable or appropriate.
  3. This passage is organized
    1. in chronological order.
    2. by cause and effect.
    3. by order of importance.
    4. both a and c
    5. both b and c
  4. This passage uses which point of view?
    1. first person
    2. second person
    3. third person
  5. This passage is written from whose perspective?
    1. that of the residents
    2. that of an outside consultant
    3. that of the shopping mall developer
  6. The choice of the word dire suggests that the consequences of the merger would be
    1. minimal.
    2. expected.
    3. disastrous.
  7. Which words best describe the style of this passage?
    1. informal, conversational
    2. descriptive, story-like
    3. formal, businesslike
  8. The tone of this passage is
    1. sad.
    2. foreboding.
    3. threatening.
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