Computer Terms Practice Exercises

Updated on Sep 20, 2011

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Computer Terms Study Guide

Computer Terms Practice Exercises

Practice Exercise 1

Draw lines to match each computer word with its definition.

Computer Word Definition
1. copyright law a. websites for making friends
2. browser b. continuous flow of material over the Internet
3. search engine c. the exclusive ownership of material by an author
4. ISP d. online address
5. icon e. software that looks up websites
6. spam f. the system for finding Web pages
7. URL g. program for accessing Web pages
8. streaming h. unwanted emails
9. domain name i. service that provides Internet access
10. social networking j. image that represents files or functions online


1. c
2. g
3. e
4. i
5. j
6. h
7. f
8. b
9. d
10. a

Practice Exercise 2

Find and circle the words from this lesson in the word search puzzle below. Words may appear backwards, vertically, or horizontally.


Word Bank
browser ISP
copyright spam
domain URL



Words You Should Now Know

browser social networking
copyright law spam
desktop publishing streaming
domain name URL
icon World Wide Web
search engine


Extra Word(s) You Learned in this Study Guide

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