Feeling Words Practice Exercises

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Updated on Sep 20, 2011

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Feeling Words Study Guide

Feeling Words Practice Exercises

Practice Exercise 1

Fill in each blank with the word from this lesson that fits the emotion or feeling being described. The first letter of each correct answer is provided.

1. Tom spends lot of time by himself, which makes him sad. l ___
2. Sharon is shy and afraid to speak. t ___
3. Jim is always careful about choices. p ___
4. Ms. Price is thrilled with her new job. e ___
5. Ethan's mood is always sad, no matter what. m ___
6. Colin's first loyalty is to his country. p ___
7. Carol is known to be mean to her enemies. v ___
8. Sam remains sad over his bad school grades. d ___
9. Jerry was delighted to win $1,000,000. e ___
10. John is disappointed that he can't enter the race. f ___


1. lonely
2. timid
3. prudent
4. elated
5. melancholy
6. patriotic
7. vindictive
8. dejected
9. ecstatic
10. frustrated

Practice Exercise 2

Words to describe Feelings

Across Down
3 embarrassed in front of others 1 careful; cautious about choices and
4 uninterested in any activity decisions
6 preference for one's own company 2 unhappiness at not achieving a goal
7 love of country 5 continuing sadness and depression
8 extraordinary joy  
Word Bank  
apathetic lonely
ecstatic melancholy
frustration patriotic
humiliated prudent


Across Down
3 humiliated 1 prudent
4 apathetic 2 frustration
6 lonely 5 melancholy
7 patriotic
8 ecstatic

Words You Should Now Know

apathetic lonely
dejected melancholy
ecstatic patriotic
elated timid
frustrated vindictive

Extra Words You Have Learned in This Lesson

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