Powerful Words Practice Exercises

Updated on Sep 21, 2011

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Powerful Words Study Guide

Powerful Words Practice Exercises

Practice Exercise 1

Fill in each blank with the adjective from this lesson that fits the description. The first letter of each correct answer has been provided.

1. John always seems to speak easily and know what he is talking about. g______
2. The band forgot to tune their instruments, and the result was a horrible kind of noise. c______
3. Sally was determined to improve the rights of women, and believed in this set of beliefs. f______
4. Billy was known for his cruelty and was often accused of enjoying insulting others. s______
5. Jeremy was always trying too hard to please the people he wanted for friends. o______


1. glib
2. cacophonous
3. feminist
4. sadistic
5. obsequious

Practice Exercise 2

Words with Extra Power

Across Down
3 always too willing to please 1 speaks fluently and maybe too easily
5 saying the opposite of what is meant 2 educated, worldly wise
6 enjoys being cruel 4 speaks with false grandness
7 belief in women's rights
Word Bank
feminist pompous
glib sadistic
ironic sophisticated


Across Down
3 obsequious 1 glib
5 ironic 2 sophisticated
6 sadistic 4 pompous
7 feminist
Words You Should Now Know
cacophonous obsequious
demure ominous
esoteric pompous
feminist sadistic
glib sardonic
ironic sophisticated

Extra Word(s) You Learned in This Study Guide

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