Political Terms Practice Exercises

Updated on Sep 20, 2011

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Political Terms Study Guide

Political Terms Practice Exercises

Practice Exercise 1

Circle the correct meaning for the italicized word in each sentence.

1. Hierarchy means
a. an order of rank.
b. a group of politicians.
c. a committee decision.
2. Federal is a term for
a. a vote by the people.
b. a central governing body.
c. a savings bank.
3. To facilitate is to
a. vote in an election.
b. make something happen.
c. be elected to office.
4. A constituent is
a. a member of a group.
b. an elected official.
c. a law about to be voted on.
5. To implement is to
a. submit to a vote.
b. argue for a position.
c. make something happen.
6. Ideology is
a. a group's vote.
b. a set of ideas of beliefs.
c. a committee proposal.
7. An incentive is
a. something that motivates.
b. a majority vote.
c. an elected official.
8. To mediate is to
a. agree on a difficult position.
b. propose a new law.
c. resolve differences between two groups.
9. A caucus is
a. a new idea or process.
b. a majority vote.
c. a meeting in support of a particular interest.
10. To legislate is to
a. argue local issues.
b. take a group vote.
c. pass laws.
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