Sports Terms Practice Exercises

Updated on Sep 20, 2011

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Sports Terms Study Guide

Sports Terms Practice Exercises

Practice Exercise

Words from the Sports Arena

Across Down
2 exercise that uses oxygen 1 failure at bat
5 to act odd or strange 3 extremely difficult three-part race
6 26+ mile race 4 the beginning of a game or contest
7 moving and energetic 8 exercise without machines or weights


Word Bank
aerobic kinetic
calisthenics marathon
Ironman out of left field
kickoff three strikes


Words You Should Now Know
aerobic marathon
calisthenics metaphor
decathlon offsides
draft out of left field
Ironman three strikes
kickoff time-out

Extra Word(s) You Learned in this Study Guide


Across Down
2 aerobic 1 three strikes
5 out of left field 3 Ironman
6 marathon 4 kickoff
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