Borrowed Words Practice Exercises

Updated on Sep 21, 2011

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Borrowed Words Study Guide

Borrowed Words Practice Exercises

Practice Exercise 1

Draw lines to match each foreign-born word with its English meaning.

Foreign-Born Word English Meaning
1. pirouette a. mixture of dried flowers and spices hoc b. argument attacking a person, not a position
3.faux pas c. reminder to buyers to be careful
4. matinee d. ballet step turning on one foot
5. potpourri e. work done for free
6. ad hominem f. created on the spot, improvised
7. objet d'art g. embarrassing use of bad manners
8. caveat emptor h. a favorite food the world over
9. pro bono i. afternoon performance
10. pizza j. small object of artistic value


1. d
2. f
3. g
4. i
5. a
6. b
7. j
8. c
9. e
10. h

Practice Exercise 2

Words We've Adopted

Across Down
2 afternoon performance 1 designed to deceive
3 whirling dance move 3 fragrant mixture from nature
4 a bad manners mistake
5 created on the spot
Word Bank
ad hoc matinee
camouflage pirouette
faux pas potpourri


Across Down
2 matinee 1 camouflage
3 pirouette 3 potpourri
4 faux pas
5 ad hoc

Words You Should Now Know

ad hoc matinee
ad hominem objet d'art
camouflage pirouette
caveat emptor pizza
cocoa potpourri
faux pas pro bono publico

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