Words About Words Practice Exercises

Updated on Sep 21, 2011

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Words About Words Study Guide

Words About Words Practice Exercises

Practice Exercise

Draw lines to match each word about words with its meaning.

Word about Words Meaning
1. circumlocution a. a trite, overused expression
2. ambiguous b. a comparison between two things that are mostly dissimilar
3. non sequitur c. a short, witty statement that conveys an idea in a clever way
4. nuance d. roundabout way of speaking
5. analogy e. unnecessary or more than sufficient
6. simile f. using more words than necessary, repetitious
7. cliché g. a slight shading of meaning
8. epigram h. a vague or unclear word or statement
9. superfluous i. a comparison using the word like or as
10. redundant j. a statement that does not follow logically

Words About Words

Across Down
1 comparison between two things or ideas 1 vague, unclear
2 trite, overused expression 2 roundabout, indirect way of speaking
3 comparison using like or as 4 short, clever saying
6 6 unnecessary, more than required 5 repetitious (in speaking or writing)


1. d
2. h
3. j
4. g
5. b
6. i
7. a
8. c
9. e
10. f

Word Bank

ambiguous epigram
analogy redundant
circumlocution simile
cliché superfluous


Across Down
1 analogy 1 ambiguous
2 cliché 2 circumlocution
3 simile 4 epigram
6 superfluous 5 redundant

Words You Should Now Know

ambiguous onomatologist
analogy orthography
circumlocution redundant
cliché rhetorical question
epigram simile
epigraph superfluous
non sequitur verbiage

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