Word Problems Involving Exponents Study Guide (page 3)

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Updated on Oct 4, 2011

Example 2

What is the quotient of 165and 163?

Read and understand the question. This question is looking for the quotient of two values that have the same base.

Make a plan. Subtract the exponents to find the solution.

Carry out the plan. The problem becomes

      = 162

Check your answer. To check your answer, multiply the quotient by the factor 163.

      162× 163= 162 + 3
      = 165

Because this was the first value given in the question, this answer is checking.

Example 3

A garbage company collects 64,000,000 pounds of garbage per year. What is this amount expressed in scientific notation?

Read and understand the question. This question is looking for the scientific notation when the standard form is given.

Make a plan. Use the first non-zero digit and a decimal point to form a number between one and 10, and then write this number multiplied by a power of 10. The exponent is the number of places the decimal point moves from the end of the number to between the 6 and the 4.

Carry out the plan. Write the decimal 6.4. Next, multiply this value by 107because the decimal moves 7 places to the left. The scientific notation is 6.4 × 107.

Check your answer. To check your answer, put this number back into standard form. Take the decimal 6.4 and move the decimal 7 places to the right. Add zeros as placeholders where necessary. The number becomes 64,000,000. This answer is checking.

Find practice problems and solutions for these concepts at Word Problems Involving Exponents Practice Questions.

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