Writing With Focus and Clarity Practice Exercises (page 2)

Updated on Aug 25, 2011

Exercise 2

Answers will vary, but here is one possible paragraph:

Two weeks ago, my family drove to Mattawa to visit my cousins. My Aunt Shirley and Uncle Joe have three kids—Joel, Maggie, and Simon— and their house is the most fun to visit. They live in a big blue house on a hill and have a large backyard. Joel, the oldest, has a real motorbike, and he let me ride it all over their giant yard. They also have two Newfoundland dogs, the biggest dogs I have ever seen! Inside the house, there are stacks of board games and walls of books. And Aunt Shirley is always cooking something delicious.

Exercise 3

  1. b. The audience can't be the writer's parents (choice a) because they are mentioned in the text. The style is too informal to be written for a school principal (choice c), so it must be written for a friend.
  2. c. The style is definitely informal, so choice b can't be correct, and the writer is presenting a secret interest and a genuine question, so choice a can't be correct.
  3. a. The formal style and tone tells you that it must be intended for an adult, and the paragraph concludes "I am excited to learn new skills at your art camp," so the audience must be the art program director.
  4. a. The paragraphs have about the same amount of detail (choice b), and Paragraph A is more personal (choice c) than Paragraph B, so the answer must be choice a, more formal.
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