Answering Writing Prompts: Writing Review Study Guide (page 3)

Updated on Aug 25, 2011

Step 5: Have You Answered the Prompt?

The last thing to do is to make sure you've addressed everything that is laid out for you in the prompt. So, reread the prompt one last time, just to check.

Let's Recap

Some of your writing assignments may come in the form of a writing prompt. A writing prompt is a set of instructions for your essay. From it, you'll learn the topic on which you are being asked to write and what, specifically, you should be writing about that topic.

There are three kinds of writing prompts, each instructing you to write a slightly different kind of essay. First is the expository prompt. Expository prompts ask you to explain something. The key word here is explain. Second is the narrative prompt. Narrative prompts ask you to tell a story. The key words to look for in a narrative prompt are time or event. Third is the persuasive prompt. Persuasive prompts ask you to persuade someone of something. The key words here are persuade or convince.

To answer a writing prompt, all you need to do is determine what it is you're being asked to write. Identify which kind of prompt you're dealing with, and then look for key words and any other phrases or questions embedded within the prompt that stand out to you. Locate the topic and what you are being asked to write about that topic. Then, write! When you're done, read through the prompt one last time, just to make sure that you've addressed all aspects of the topic.

Practice exercises for this concept can be found at Answering Writing Prompts: Writing Review Practice Exercises.

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