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    Conic Sections Practice Test

    Review the following concepts if needed: Parabola Help

    Source: McGraw-Hill Professional
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    Conversion from Degrees to Radians Help

    Introduction to Conversion from Degrees to Radians Trigonometry has been used for over two thousand years to solve many real-world problems, among them surveying, navigating, and problems in engineering. Another important use is analytic—the trigonometric ...

    Source: McGraw-Hill Professional
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    Trigonometry Practice Test

    Review the following concepts if needed: Conversion from Degrees to Radians Help Coterminal and Reference Angles ...

    Source: McGraw-Hill Professional
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    Sequence and Series Practice Test

    Review the following concepts if needed: Sequences and Series Formulas Help

    Source: McGraw-Hill Professional
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    Number Systems Help

    Introduction to Number Systems Calculus is one of the most important parts of mathematics. It is fundamental to all of modern science. How could one part of mathematics be of such central importance? It is because calculus gives us the tools to study rates of ...

    Source: McGraw-Hill Professional
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    Coordinates in One Dimension Help

    Introduction to Coordinates in One Dimension We envision the real numbers as laid out on a line, and we locate real numbers from left to right on this line. If a < b are real numbers then a will lie to the left of b on this line. See ...

    Source: McGraw-Hill Professional
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    The Derivative as a Rate of Change Help

    Introduction to The Derivative as a Rate of Change If f(t) represents the position of a moving body, or the amount of a changing quantity, at time t , then the derivative f′(t) (equivalently, ( d/dt)f(t)) denotes the rate ...

    Source: McGraw-Hill Professional
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    Foundations of Calculus Practice Test

    Review the following concepts if needed: Limits Help

    Source: McGraw-Hill Professional
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    Graphing of Functions Help

    Introduction to Graphing of Functions We know that the value of the derivative of a function f at a point x represents the slope of the tangent line to the graph of f at the point ( x , f(x) ). If that slope is ...

    Source: McGraw-Hill Professional
  • 40.

    Maximum/Minimum Problems Help

    Introduction to Maximum/Minimum Problems One of the great classical applications of the calculus is to determine the maxima and minima of functions. Look at Fig. 3.9. It shows some (local) maxima and (local) minima of the function f .

    Source: McGraw-Hill Professional
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