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Algebra: Introductions to Variables

Find study help on introduction to variables for algebra. Use the links below to select the specific area of introduction to variables you're looking for help with. Each guide comes complete with an explanation, example problems, and practice problems with solutions to help you learn introduction to variables for algebra.

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    Adding and Subtracting Fractions with Variables Help

    Review adding and subtraction fractions with variables in this Algebra study guide.

  • 2.

    Introduction To Variables Help

    Introduction To Variables A variable is a symbol for a number whose value is unknown. A variable might represent quantities at different times. For example if you are paid by the hour for your job and you earn $10 per hour, letting x ...

    Source: McGraw-Hill Professional
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    Canceling with Variables Help

    Canceling with Variables Variables can be canceled in fractions just as whole numbers can be. Examples

    Source: McGraw-Hill Professional
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    Operations on Fractions with Variables Help

    Introduction to Multiplying Fractions with Variables Multiplication of fractions with variables is done in exactly the same way as multiplication of fractions without variables—multiply the numerators and multiply the denominators. ...

    Source: McGraw-Hill Professional
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    Fraction Division and Compound Fractions Help

    Fraction Division and Compound Fractions Division of fractions with variables can become multiplication of fractions by inverting the second fraction. Because compound fractions are really only fraction division problems, rewrite the compound ...

    Source: McGraw-Hill Professional
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    Variables in Word Problems Help

    Introduction to Variables in Word Problems Often the equations used to solve word problems should have only one variable, and other unknowns must be written in terms of one variable. The goal of this section is to get you acquainted with ...

    Source: McGraw-Hill Professional
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    Algebra Introduction to Variables Practice Test

    Review the following concepts if needed: Introduction to Variables Help Canceling with Variables Help ...

    Source: McGraw-Hill Professional
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    How Variables Relate Help

    Introduction to How Variables Relate Tables and graphs portray relationships between changeable quantities known as variables . Tables and graphs show how the values of variables compare with, and in some cases affect, one another. ...

    Source: McGraw-Hill Professional
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    Types of Graphs Help

    Introduction to Types of Graphs—Vertical Bar Graphs, Horizontal Bar Graphs, and Histograms When the variables in a function can attain only a few values (called discrete values ), graphs can be rendered in simplified forms. Here ...

    Source: McGraw-Hill Professional
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    How Variables Relate Practice Test

    Review the following concepts if needed: How Variables Relate Help Types of Graphs ...

    Source: McGraw-Hill Professional
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