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Get galaxies and quasars reviews and study guides here. Learn about galaxies and quasars or brush up on your skills. Thorough explanations and practice examples will help you review astronomy.

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    Types of Galaxies Help

    Types Of Galaxies When telescopes became powerful enough to resolve nebulae into definite shapes, one type of nebula presented a conundrum. Many of the spiral nebulae , which looked like whirlpools of glowing gas, had spectral lines whose wavelengths were ...

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    Galaxy Galore Help

    Clusters Of Galaxies Our Milky Way galaxy has several close neighbors in space—close, that is, when we compare their distances to those of the most remote known galaxies. Our “intergalactic township” is called the Local Group . This is a ...

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    Quasars Help

    Introduction to Quasars In 1960, the position of a strong radio source was defined with great accuracy, and its angular diameter was found to be less than a second of arc. Comparing the position of this radio source with various visible objects in its vicinity, ...

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    Huge Black Holes Help

    Black-hole Density Versus Mass In recent years, the idea that black holes exist at the centers of many, if not most, spiral galaxies has been gaining acceptance. This is so in part because of an interesting twist in the formula for the Schwarzchild radius as a ...

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    Galaxies and Quasars Practice Problems

    Review the following concepts if needed: Types of Galaxies Help

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    Our Cosmic Home Study Guide

    Introduction Look out into the sky at night. That's right–look out, not just up. Because when you look at the sparkling stars, you are gazing out across vast distances of space and time. You see light from stars that has taken tens, hundreds, even tens of ...

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    Our Cosmic Home Practice Questions

    Review these concepts at: Our Cosmic Home Study Guide Practice Problems 1. How many years ago was the Big Bang? a. 13.7 trillion years ago

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