Special & General Relativity

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    Relativity of Simultaneity Help

    Relativity of Simultaneity Relativity theory has a reputation as something only geniuses can understand. However, the basics of relativity are no more difficult to grasp than the fundamentals of any other theory. Some ...

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    Time Dilation Explained Help

    Time Dilation The relative location of an observer in space affects the relative readings of clocks located at different points. Similarly, relative motion in space affects the apparent rate at which time ...

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    Relativistic Effects Help

    Point Of View: Length Relativistic speeds—that is, speeds high enough to cause significant time dilation—cause objects to appear foreshortened in the direction of their motion. As with time dilation, relativistic spatial distortion occurs only ...

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    Theory of Relativity Help

    Acceleration Is Different! There is no absolute standard for position in the Universe, nor is there an absolute standard for velocity. Another way of saying this is that any reference frame is just as valid as any other as long as acceleration does not take place. ...

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    Special and General Relativity Practice Problems

    Review the following concepts if needed: Relativity of Simultaneity Help Time Dilation ...

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