Digestive System: Nutrition and Energy Use

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    The Digestive Tube and Its Basic Processes Help

    Introduction to The Digestive Tube and Its Basic Processes Now we will look at another life-giving process – digestion – and its association with nutrition. Nutrition is the “process of nourishing,” ...

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    The Digestive Tube (Alimentary Canal) in Mammals Help

    Introduction to The Digestive Tube (Alimentary Canal) in Mammals The digestive tube is alternately called the alimentary ( al -uh- MEN -tur-ee) tract. The reason, of course, is that the ...

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    Too Many, or Too Few Calories? Help

    Introduction to Too Many, or Too Few Calories? We talked about the Chemical Balance of Life, and its relationship to cellular respiration or metabolism. Recall that in the catabolism (breakdown) of chemical foodstuffs (such as glucose ...

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    Nutrition And The Digestive System Practice Test

    If necessary, review: The Digestive System Help The ...

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    The Digestive System Study Guide

    Introduction All organisms need nutritious food to live. Our digestive system takes in foodstuffs by first grinding them into small pieces by chewing and stomach action. Then the small bits participate in chemical reactions that yield the specific substances our ...

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    The Digestive System Practice Questions

    Review these concepts at: The Digestive System Study Guide Practice Questions 1. The function of the digestive system is to break down food molecules and distribute them to ...

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    Digestive System Help

    Digestive Processes The food we eat is utilized at the cellular level in chemical reactions involving: synthesis of proteins, carbohydrates, hormones, and enzymes; cellular division, growth, and repair; and production of heat. To become usable by the cells, most ...

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    Digestive System Practice Problems

    Review these concepts if necessary: Digestive System Digestive System Practice Problems Practice

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    Metabolism and Temperature Regulation Help

    Metabolism Foods are first digested, then absorbed, and finally, metabolized. Metabolism refers to all the chemical reactions of the body. There are two aspects of metabolism: catabolism, the breaking-down process which provides energy ...

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    Metabolism and Temperature Regulation Practice Problems

    Review these concepts if necessary: Metabolism and Temperature Regulation Metabolism and Temperature ...

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