Endocrine System: Hormonal Messengers

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    Neurotransmitters versus Secretions Help

    Neurotransmitters versus Secretions The synapse between two neurons, like the neuromuscular junction between a motor neuron and a muscle fiber, employs a special type of chemical communication (see Figure 15.1, A and B). Specifically, vesicles ...

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    Hormones (First Messengers) and Their Partners Inside Cells Help

    Introduction to Hormones (First Messengers) and Their Partners Inside Cells We have now traced the operation of several examples of the neuroendocrine system. Within such nerve–gland connections, it is often difficult to tell which part ...

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    Glands and Hormones Practice Test

    If necessary, review: Neuroendocrine System Help

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    Endocrine System Practice Problems

    Review these concepts if necessary: Endocrine System Endocrine System Practice Problems Practice—True ...

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