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    Important Theories about the Origin of Life Help

    Introduction to the Important Theories about the Origin of Life Recall that life begins at the cell level. It is now appropriate for us to ask, “Okay, we know what life is. But where did it come from? And did life forms ...

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    First Living Organisms Help

    Introduction to the First Living Organisms We will probably never know for sure exactly how life began – Why? The first living things (such as primitive bacteria) left behind no fossil record . Soft-bodied micro-organisms, such ...

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    Charles Darwin and the Theory of Evolution Help

    Introduction to Charles Darwin and the Theory of Evolution “How did all these different types of living organisms come to replace or join each other over time? What complicated process seems to be responsible?” you might well ask. ...

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    From Dawn To Darwin Evolution Practice Test

    If necessary, review: Important Theories About the Origin of Life Help

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    Evolution Study Guide

    Introduction In general, the term evolution means change over time. In biology, the term evolution refers to the transformation of life from its simplest form to the great diversity we see today over billions of years. Animals are constantly responding to ...

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    Evolution Practice Questions

    Review these concepts at: Evolution Study Guide Practice Problems 1. The mechanism behind evolution is known as a. artificial selection.

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