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    Biology, Organisms, and Order Help

    Introduction to Biology Hello, there! It’s time for you to start teaching yourself some of the fundamental and fascinating facts about biology (pronounced as buy- AHL -oh-jee). The word, biology, comes from the ...

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    Structure and Anatomy Help

    Introduction to Structure and Anatomy All organisms have some type of structure . A structure is literally a “building” up of something from a number of different parts. The structure of an organism, therefore, is the ...

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    Function and Physiology Help

    Function and Physiology Function Just as all organisms have a certain type of body structure (anatomy), they also carry out various functions . A function is some type of “performance.” It ...

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    Characteristics of Living Things Help

    Six Basic Characteristics of Living Things Since physiology (body function) only occurs within living organisms, it is very important for us to know the basic characteristics of living things: 1. Living ...

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    Biological Disorder: A Reality Since Ancient Times Help

    Introduction to Biological Disorder Apparently, the very earliest people knew a lot about biology! Ancient caves have been discovered in various parts of the world. The walls of many of these caves are richly decorated with pictures of plants, birds, animals, and ...

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    History of Biology Help

    Introduction to the History of Biology Although ancient peoples around the world have been informally learning about Biological Order (and its counterpart, Biological Disorder) for thousands of years, a systematic approach to the search for ...

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    The Coming Of Biology Practice Test

    If necessary, review: Organism Order Help Structure and ...

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    The Pyramid of Life (Levels of Biological Organization) Help

    Introduction to The Pyramid of Life (Levels of Biological Organization) Prominent among Biological concepts was the notion of Biological Order – a particular pattern associated with living things. Recall that the spotted body pattern of ...

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    From Cells to Organism Help

    Introduction to from Cells to Organisms Concerning, the lowest levels of biological organization, remember that the chemical level includes subatomic particles, atoms, and molecules. And just beyond the macromolecules lie the organelles. Finally, recall that the ...

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    Populations, Communities, and Ecosystems Help

    Introduction to Populations, Communities, and Ecosystems Life does not stop with the individual body. There are still several levels of biological organization lying beyond the organism (but including it). Populations

    Source: McGraw-Hill Professional
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