Respiratory System: Gas Exchange

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    Fish Gills, Respiration and Ventilation Help

    Introduction to Fish Gills, Respiration and Ventilation Land-dwelling animals – mammals, birds, reptiles, and amphibians – use air as a means for both respiration and ventilation. And associated with this characteristic, they have ...

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    The Path of Airflow in Humans Help

    Introduction to The Path of Airflow in Humans Respiration literally means “the act of” (-tion) “breathing” (spir) “again” (re-). In actual usage, however, respiration is the ...

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    Frogs versus Mammals and The Mechanism of Inspiration Help

    Introduction to Frogs Versus Mammals and The Mechanism of Inspiration One obvious question we could ask is, “Okay, but how do we breathe, in the first place? How do we inhale air into our lungs?” The answer to this question involves a discussion of the ...

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    Control of Respiration and Body Acid–Base Balance Help

    Introduction to Respiration and Body Acid-Base Balance The next logical question for the inquiring mind to consider is this: “Why do we breathe? What is the normal stimulus or goad that causes our diaphragm to contract, thereby resulting ...

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    Respiratory System Practice Test

    If necessary, review: Human Respiration Help Fish Respiration ...

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    The Respiratory System Study Guide

    Introduction Cellular respiration is a part of metabolism and is a set of chemical reactions. In this lesson on the respiratory system, we will examine the physical process of exchanging gases between our bodies and the atmosphere – in other words, ...

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    The Respiratory System Practice Questions

    Review these concepts at: The Respiratory System Study Guide Practice Questions 1. In the conduction of air through the respiratory system, which of the following is the ...

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    Respiratory System Help

    Respiration All cells require a continuous supply of oxygen (O2) and must continuously eliminate a metabolic waste product, carbon dioxide (CO2). On the macroscopic level, the term respiration simply means ventilation, or ...

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    Respiratory System Practice Problems

    Review these concepts if necessary: Respiratory System Respiratory System Practice Problems Practice

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