Skeletal System: Structure & Support

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    Skins and Skeletons Help

    Introduction to Skins and Skeletons Having introduced and characterized the mammals, it is now appropriate for us to further examine the meaning of the following claim: “Oh, those pesky animals! They’re just a bag of bones!” ...

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    The Skin as Our Integument Help

    Introduction to The Skin as Our Integument “How is the human body like a peach?” In reply to this odd question, you might comically retort, “Well, we’re just a bunch of fruits!” But more seriously, both a peach ...

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    Hyperthermia or Hypothermia: Body Heat Out of Control! Help

    Introduction to Hyperthermia or Hypothermia The high degree of Biological Order of body temperature shown within Figure 13.2 could formally be called a state of normothermia ( nor -moh- THER -me-uh). ...

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    The Human Endoskeleton: Our Hard “Dried Body” Lying Within Help

    Introduction The Human Endoskeleton: Our Hard “Dried Body” Lying Within If we humans are just a “bag of bones,” then, having discussed the “bag” (skin), we now need to consider the bones! Recollect that ...

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    Anatomy of a Long Bone Help

    Introduction to the Long Bone To fully understand the skeleton, we must examine the anatomy of a typical long bone. A long bone is simply a bone that is much longer than it is wide. Consider, for instance, the “thigh” bone ...

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    Bone Development, Bone Matrix, and Blood Calcium Homeostasis Help

    Blood Calcium Homeostasis Besides hematopoiesis and protection from physical trauma, another critical function of the endoskeleton is blood calcium homeostasis ; that is, the maintenance of a relatively constant blood calcium ion ...

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    Breaking of Bone-Related Patterns Help

    Breaking of Bone-Related Patterns We can think of the normal anatomy of a long bone (such as the femur) as an example of Biological Order at the organ level of body organization. And blood [Ca

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    Joints and Bones Help

    Introduction to Joints and Bones A junction is a meeting or joining place. (Picture a railroad junction or crossing of two intersecting train tracks.) A joint , therefore, is a place of meeting or joining between bones. There are ...

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    Skins And Skeletons Practice Test

    If necessary, review: Skin and Bones Help Skin ...

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    The Skeletal System Study Guide

    Introduction The skeletal systems of organisms work with the muscles to allow the movement of body parts and the locomotion of the whole organism. They also protect the soft internal organs from injury. The skeletal system also acts as a repository of minerals ...

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