Electron Configuration Review

Get electron configuration reviews and study guides here. Learn about electron configuration or brush up on your skills. Thorough explanations and practice examples will help you review chemistry.

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    Electron Configurations Help

    Introduction to Electron Configurations Electrons play a big role in the way the entire atom gets along with its friends, family, and neighbors. They don’t stick together on a whim. Usually, atoms of an element will only combine with ...

    Source: McGraw-Hill Professional
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    Rule and Principle of Electrons Help

    Orbital Filling While some scientists were studying the energy levels as element energy increased, Friedrich Hund worked on figuring out the lowest energy that electrons could be arranged in a subshell. Hund's ...

    Source: McGraw-Hill Professional
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    Electron Configuration Practice Test

    Review the following concepts if needed: Electron Configurations Help

    Source: McGraw-Hill Professional
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    Bohr Atom and Electron Configuration Study Guide

    Introduction An electron's position in an atom or ion can be described by determining its electron configuration and orbital diagram. These representations of an atom or ion can explain physical and chemical properties of the substance, including magnetic ...

    Source: LearningExpress, LLC
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