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    Radiochemistry Help

    Introduction to Radiochemistry The nucleus of an element contains protons and neutrons. We have already learned that an element’s identity and atomic number is found from the number of protons in a nucleus. However, around 1912, ...

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    Decay and Half-life Help

    Decay and Half-Life Radioactive substances gradually lose “potency” as time passes. Unstable nuclei degenerate one by one. Sometimes an unstable nucleus decays into a stable one in a single event. In other cases, an unstable nucleus changes into ...

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    Radiation Detectors and Carbon Dating Help

    Radiation Detectors There are two types of equipment used to detect radiation, ionization counters and scintillation counters . Ionization counters detect the production of ions in ...

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    Radiochemistry Practice Test

    Review the following concepts if needed: Radiation Detectors and Carbon Dating Help

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    Nuclear Processes Study Guide

    Introduction Nuclear. Just a mention of the word scares many people. However, a nuclear reaction is a reaction at the atomic level where energy and/or mass are released or absorbed in a process. Nuclear medicine is one of the fastest-growing branches of ...

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    Nuclear Processes Practice Questions

    Review the following concepts if needed - Nuclear Processes Study Guide Practice Questions For problems 1-3, what is the half-life for the following isotopes? ...

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