Comprehension: Language and Style

Get reading study help for language and style. Reading study guides and reading exercises will help you review reading comprehension for language and style.

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    Emotional Versus Logical Appeal: Reading Comprehension Review Practice Exercises

    Read the following study guide for a concept review: Emotional Versus Logical Appeal: Reading Comprehension Review Study Guide PRACTICE Decide whether each argument is an emotional or a ...

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    Reading Point of View Help

    Introduction to Point of View Picture this: You are walking along a tree-lined street late in the afternoon. Just ahead of you, a woman is sitting on a bench; a dog lies in the shade at her feet. You watch them and nod hello as you walk by. Now, ...

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    Word Choice Help

    Diction: What's In A Word? Today's lesson focuses on diction, the words writers choose to convey their meaning. The smallest change in choice of words can significantly change the tone and meaning of a passage. Today's lesson shows you ...

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    Writing Style Help

    Introduction to Writing Style How a writer puts words together to express meaning is as important as what the writer says. This lesson shows you how to analyze the style of a piece of writing in order to get a better understanding of ...

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    Reading and Writer's Tone Help

    Reading and Writer's Tone The way you perceive a person's tone of voice has a great deal to do with how you understand what that person is saying. The same is true of tone in writing; it's vital to pick up on clues to tone in ...

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    Reading Language and Style Practice Test

    Language and Style Practice Test Review: Reading Point of View Help. Point of view is the perspective from which the ...

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    Emotional Versus Logical Appeals Help

    The Difference between Logical and Emotional Appeals When writers want to convince people of something or influence them to think a certain way, they generally rely on two means of persuasion: appealing to the reader's sense of logic and appealing to the reader's ...

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    Finding Meaning in Literature Help

    Finding Meaning in Literature Literature (novels, poems, stories, and plays) can be quite intimidating to many readers. In literature, meanings are often implied, and messages and themes are not conveniently housed in a topic sentence. However, no ...

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    Writer's Point of View Study Guide

    Practice exercises for this study guide can be found at: Writer's Point of View Practice Exercises LESSON SUMMARY This lesson is ...

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    Writer's Point of View Practice Exercises

    Read the following study guide for a concept review: Writer's Point of View Study Guide Exercise 1 Determine the point of view in the following sentences by circling the letter of the correct answer.

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