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    Geological Time Help

    Introduction to Geological Time Have you ever thought much about time? Or how long it takes you to do things? How much time it takes to brush your teeth? How long it takes to bake a cake? What is the time difference between riding a bicycle to school instead of ...

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    Geological Time Practice Test

    If necessary, review: Geological Time Help Relative Time and Fossils Help ...

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    Relative Time and Fossils Help

    Relative Time Geological time is studied by two different methods. The first is a hands-on inspection of the positioning of the different layers of the Earth. This is known as relative or chronostatic time measurements. ...

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    Radioactive Decay, Half-Life, and Carbon Dating Help

    Absolute Time The second method to study geological time is done by the chemical and radiological testing of different isotopes (forms of the same element) within rock and mineral samples. This is called absolute or ...

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    Precambian, Paleozoic, Mesozoic, and Cenozoic Eras Help

    Geochronological Units If you visit a Museum of Natural Sciences or Natural History you won’t be looking at brightly colored paintings or finely crafted statues created by human artists. Instead, you will see thousands of fossils and ...

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    Dating the Earth Study Guide

    Introduction The earth, as we've seen, is about four and a half billion years old. Some rocks exist for all ages, except for the very oldest times. The geological cycles have created and destroyed mountains and even continents during the saga of plate tectonics, ...

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    Earth Science and Evolution Study Guide

    Introduction Earth today is the product of 4.5 billion years of changes. Life is an important player in connecting the earth's surface reservoirs of atmosphere, ocean, and soil. Here we look at questions that surround the history of the oceans, continents, and, in ...

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    Dating the Earth Practice Questions

    Review the following concepts: Dating the Earth Practice Question 1. Geologists whose specialty is to study the layers of rock are called a. ...

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    Earth Science and Evolution Practice Questions

    Review these concepts at: Earth Science and Evolution Study Guide Practice Questions 1. The earliest evidence in sedimentary rocks for the presence of liquid water on Earth comes from ...

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