Minerals and Gems

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    Minerals and Gems Help

    Introduction to Minerals and Gems When you hear the word minerals, what comes to mind? Do you picture a cereal box advertising extra vitamins and minerals? Do you think of miners spending years searching for a glimpse of a shiny nugget or a brilliant stripe across ...

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    Minerals and Gems Practice Test

    If necessary, review: Minerals and Gems Help Elements Help

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    Elements Help

    Elements The elements include more than 100 known minerals. Many of the minerals in this class are made up of only a single element. Geologists sometimes subdivide this group into metal and nonmetal categories. Of all of the elements, ...

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    Mineral and Gem Characteristics Help

    Crystalline Structure Most minerals can be found in crystalline form. Whether they are rounded, have shear faces, or have no set form, most minerals have specific internal geometric structures. Sometimes the structures are the same ...

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    Gold, Silver, Copper, and Ores Help

    Gold, Silver, And Copper Since the first shiny speck caught the eye of early humans, gold, silver, and copper have been used for coins, jewelry, and household serving ware. Resistant to rust and corrosion, they were an excellent choice for ...

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