Strata and Land Eras

Get strata and land eras reviews and study guides here. Learn about strata and land eras or brush up on your skills. Thorough explanations and practice examples will help you review earth science.

Study Guides

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    Stratigraphic Record Help

    Stratigraphic Record The stratigraphic record is the overall picture of a series of facies in a region. Stratigraphy and structural studies of continental rocks have allowed geologists to piece together the principles and ...

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    Strata and Land Era Practice Test

    If necessary, review: Strata and Land Eras Help Stratagraphic Record ...

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    Stratigraphic Classification Help

    Stratigraphic Classification The Earth’s crust is constantly changing inside and out. Sedimentation and erosion processes are high for long periods (millions of years) and then something changes and they slow or stop. As we saw with ...

    Source: McGraw-Hill Professional
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