The Fall of Communism, 1945-1989

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    Fall of Communism

    Time Line ... 1953 Death of Stalin

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    Soviet Union Leadership After Stalin

    Soviet Leadership After Stalin The major turning point in the rise and fall of the Soviet Union took place in 1953, with the death of seventy-four-year-old Joseph Stalin. His successors would never impress their personalities on the nation as he had done. They ...

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    The Gorbachev Era

    The Gorbachev Era In 1985, Mikhail Gorbachev became the head of the Soviet Union. Born in 1931 to a peasant family in the North Caucasus region, Gorbachev was well aware that major political changes were necessary. Beginning around 1980, the United States had ...

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    The Cold War Ends in Europe

    The Cold War Ends in Europe To the Western world, communism appeared to collapse almost all at once. In fact, there were different degrees of communism in the Eastern European nations. In some nations the level of authority was much harsher than others, and ...

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    The European Union

    The European Union The foundation of the European Union goes back to the 1957 Treaty of Rome. Astonishingly, this agreement was first set in motion by the two nations that had perhaps the deepest and longest-standing traditional enmity in Europe: France and (West) ...

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    Fall of Communism Practice Test

    Review the following study guides if necessary: Fall of Communism

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