European Revolutions, 1815-1849

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    European Revolutions

    Time Line ... 1818 Congress of Europe meets

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    Political Parties and Struggles During the European Revolutions

    Political Parties and Struggles Politically, the nineteenth century can be defined as the age of “-isms.” These were political movements, ways of thinking that crossed national borders. They were not formal political parties but political philosophies ...

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    Nation States in the Nineteenth Century - The Great Powers and the Holy Alliance

    Nation-States in the Nineteenth Century: The Great Powers and the Holy Alliance In the wake of the French Revolution, the more conservative among the Great Powers were united in their feeling that future popular uprisings should be suppressed. In September 1815, ...

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    The Minor Nations and States During the European Revolutions

    The Minor Nations and States Events played out in the minor nations and states of Europe in much the same way as in the Great Powers. Belgium Belgium had been made a part of the Netherlands in 1815 at the Congress of ...

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    The Romantic Movement

    The Romantic Movement The nineteenth century saw the birth of a major movement in literature and the arts. This movement is called Romanticism. Writers, musicians, and artists of the Romantic era celebrated their own individuality in their novels, poetry, ...

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    European Revolutions Practice Test

    Review the following study guides if necessary: European Revolutions

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