Russian History, 1380-1613

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    Czars of Russia

    Time Line 1380 Moscow defeats Tatars in Battle of Kulikovo; Muscovite expansion ...

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    The Grand Principality of Muscovy Russia

    The Grand Principality of Muscovy The principality of Muscovy, with the city of Moscow at its center, became the core of the Russian empire through a combination of geographical and political factors. Geography Muscovy ...

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    Tatars and Russia

    Russian Society and Government The Tatars, from the Asian lands we now refer to as Mongolia, invaded and conquered most of Russia under Genghis Khan in the 1200s. Under Tatar rule, the Russian princes had to pay annual tributes to the khan, but were more or less ...

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    Ivan III of Russia

    Ivan III Ivan III, Grand Prince or Grand Duke of Moscow, married Zoe (sometimes called Sophia) Palaeologos, niece of the Byzantine emperor, in 1469. Zoe’s cultural and family background was to have a major influence on the style of the Russian court; with ...

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    Ivan IV

    Ivan IV Born in 1530, Ivan IV succeeded to the imperial throne at age three. He became known in Russia as Ivan Grozny, which has traditionally been translated into English as “Ivan the Terrible.” However, this is a misleading translation; grozny ...

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    Time of Troubles

    Time of Troubles When Ivan IV died in 1584, he was succeeded by his son Feodor I. Feodor was mentally simple and childlike, incapable of governing; he was glad to hand his responsibilities over to his able brother-in-law Boris Godunov, who ruled in fact although ...

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    Czars of Russia Practice Test

    Review the following study guides if necessary: Czars of Russia

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