Spain and England, 1469-1618

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    Europe in 16th Century

    Time Line ... 1469 Crowns of Aragon and Castile are politically united

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    Spain in the 1400s

    Spain North African Muslims invaded the Iberian Peninsula in the early 700s and controlled much of the territory for more than seven hundred years. It was only toward the end of the Middle Ages that Christian armies began to drive them from power. During the ...

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    Spain in the 1500s

    Spain in the 1500s Queen Isabel died in 1504; although Juana inherited the throne of Castile, she was not mentally or emotionally stable enough to perform her duties. Knowing of her daughter’s condition, Isabel had arranged for Ferdinand to serve as regent ...

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    The Holy Roman Empire

    The Holy Roman Empire Holy Roman Emperor Charles V was also King Charles I of Spain. Charles divided his Spanish and central European lands between two family members. His brother Ferdinand would rule the empire as Ferdinand I. Although the formal transfer of ...

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    Queen Mary Tudor

    England and the Triumph of Protestantism In 1553, Mary Tudor inherited the throne of England, succeeding her half- brother Edward VI. Like her Spanish mother, Catherine of Aragon, Mary was a Catholic; on assuming the throne, she restored Catholicism as the state ...

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    Queen Elizabeth I

    Queen Elizabeth Elizabeth I had a thoroughly pragmatic attitude toward religion and, in fact, toward almost every affair of state. Elizabeth was hardly likely to profess or practice Catholicism, since the Church had excommunicated her father for marrying her ...

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    The Defeat of the Armada

    The Defeat of the Armada During the 1500s, England realized that Spain was beginning to reap enormous profits from the New World. The Spanish galleons carried home considerable prizes in money, jewels, and other treasures. This led to the beginnings of piracy on ...

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    Europe in 16th Century Practice Test

    Review the following study guides if necessary: Europe in 16th Century

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