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New Frontier, Civil Rights Movement, and Great Society, 1960-1968

Get reviews and study guides on the Civil Rights Movement and Great Society here. Learn about the US during the 1960s or brush up on your skills. Thorough explanations and practice questions will help you learn and review US History.

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    The New Frontier and the Civil Rights Movement

    Time Line 1960 John F. Kennedy elected president ...

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    The Election of 1960

    The Election of 1960 During President Truman’s first term in office, Congress passed the Twenty- Second Amendment, which limited a president to two terms in office. The Republican majority in Congress wanted to ensure that no Democratic president would ever ...

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    Foreign Policy During 1960-1964

    Cuba The Bay of Pigs As soon as he took office, Kennedy was plunged into dealing with pressing foreign policy concerns. President Eisenhower had done nothing to resolve the Cold War hostility with the Soviet Union. In 1959, rebel ...

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    The Civil Rights Movement

    The Civil Rights Movement The Civil Rights movement is the name for the post-World War II campaign for the rights that African Americans had been granted on paper during and after the Civil War, but had all too often been denied in reality. Society had already ...

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    Kennedy’s Assassination

    The Space Race When he became president, Kennedy challenged the scientific community to put a man on the moon by the end of the decade. Both the United States and the Soviet Union had already begun experimenting with space flight. In 1961, Soviet astronaut Yuri ...

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    The New Frontier and the Civil Rights Movement Practice Test

    Review the following study guides if necessary: The New Frontier and the Civil Rights Movement

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    The Great Society Timeline

    Time Line ... 1962 Rachel Carson publishes Silent Spring

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    Lyndon Baines Johnson

    Lyndon Baines Johnson Lyndon B. Johnson had run for president in 1960 against John F. Kennedy. At the Democratic convention, when it became clear that Kennedy would be the nominee, he startled his closest advisers by asking Johnson to be his running mate. The two ...

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    The Great Society

    The Great Society/p> Johnson wasted no time in making his vision of a Great Society a reality. People remembered years later that on the night of his inauguration, he reminded them to get to bed early because there was hard work ahead the next morning. Johnson used his tremendous ...

    Source: McGraw-Hill Professional
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    Civil Rights in the Late 1960s

    Civil Rights in the Late 1960s Martin Luther King Jr.’s belief in nonviolence as an effective weapon against segregation began to lose its influence as the 1960s wore on. Other black leaders emerged in the movement, including many who wanted African ...

    Source: McGraw-Hill Professional
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