Jazz Age, 1919-1929

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    The Arts in the 1920s

    The Arts The nickname “the Jazz Age” perfectly sums up the tone of life during the 1920s. To many people, the decade was one long party. The economy was booming, and wealthy and middle-class Americans had plenty of money to spend. A great variety of ...

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    Politics in the 1920s

    Politics in the 1920s In 1920, Republican Party candidate Warren G. Harding ran for president against Democrat James Cox. Harding coined the word normalcy to describe what he thought the United States needed after the dramatic and chaotic years of World War I. ...

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    The Rise of the Flapper in the 1920s

    The Rise of the Flapper One of the most notable changes taking place during the 1920s was in women’s behavior, speech, and dress. During World War I, as men went overseas to fight, women had replaced them in such jobs as house-painting, stonemasonry, ...

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    The Rise of the Automobile in the 1920s

    The Rise of the Automobile One thing that drastically changed the American landscape was the rise in the popularity of the automobile. Henry Ford installed an assembly line that drove down the price of his sturdy, efficient little cars even further. The car under ...

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    The Jazz Age Practice Test

    Review the following study guides if necessary: The Jazz Age The Arts in ...

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