The Vietnam War, 1961-1975

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    The Vietnam War

    Time Line 1940 Japanese occupy French Indochina (Vietnam)

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    Background on Vietnam

    Background: Vietnam The East Asian peninsula of Vietnam is a long, narrow country, bordered by China, Cambodia, Laos, and the South China Sea. The Chinese wanted con- trol of this fertile rice-growing nation, and occupied it from 200 BC until AD 939, when the ...

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    The Vietnam War Expands

    The United States Sends Troops Eisenhower was the first U.S. president to send troops to Vietnam, although the number was limited to several hundred “military advisers” whose job was to train the official army of South Vietnam (not the Viet Cong). ...

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    Protest and Dissent at Home During the Vietnam War

    Protest and Dissent at Home The Vietnam War was different from World War II in almost every possible respect. The United States entered World War II as a united nation; no one objected to fighting Japan, because Japan had directly attacked the United States. Once ...

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    The Tet Offensive

    The Tet Offensive On January 30, 1968 (the Vietnamese New Year, or Tet), the North Vietnamese and the Viet Cong launched a major offensive against U.S. troops and their allies, fighting them even in the streets of downtown Saigon. The United States and the South ...

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    Vietnam War Under the Nixon Administration

    The War Under the Nixon Administration Nixon and his national security advisor Henry Kissinger came up with a plan to turn the war over to the Vietnamese by gradually withdrawing American troops. Nixon hoped that this strategy would result in a stable, democratic ...

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    The End of the Vietnam War

    The End of the War Kissinger and the North Vietnamese leader Le Duc Tho had been meeting secretly since 1969, trying to reach a peace settlement agreeable to both sides. In January 1973, after a final fierce bombing assault by the United States had failed to force ...

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    The Vietnam War Practice Test

    Review the following study guides if necessary: The Vietnam War

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