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    Irregular Verbs Help

    Introduction to Irregular Verbs Become better acquainted with the pesky past-tense verbs that do not end with -ed, and learn about proper usage with tricky verbs such as lay/lie and sit/set. Most, but not all, verbs follow a simple ...

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    Irregular Verbs Practice

    Review the lesson for Irregular Verbs Help. Irregular Verbs Practice Irregular Verbs Determine whether the boldfaced verb in the sentence is ...

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    Verb Forms and Tenses Practice

    Review the lesson for Verb Forms and Tenses Help. Verb Forms and Tenses Practice Verb Form and Tense Choose the correct verb and identify the tense ...

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  • 94.

    Adjectives Practice

    Review the lesson for Adjectives Help. Adjectives Practice Common Adjectives Identify the common adjectives in the following sentences.

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    Adverbs Practice

    Review the lesson for Adverbs Help. Adverbs Practice Common Adverbs Identify the common adverbs in the following sentences.

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    Prepositions Help

    Introduction to Prepositions What's an OOP and where are they found? Find out in this lesson. Like an adverb, a preposition conveys a relationship, usually of time (when) or place (where), between certain words in a sentence. A ...

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  • 97.

    Misplaced Modifiers Help

    Misplaced Modifiers When you write, you transfer what you are thinking—what you want to say—onto paper for someone else to read. You use modifiers to describe words or make their meanings more specific. You know what you mean to say, but your message ...

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    Misplaced Modifiers Practice

    Review the lesson for Misplaced Modifiers Help. Misplaced Modifiers Practice Modifiers Rewrite each sentence so that the modifiers are ...

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  • 99.

    Sentence Structure Basics Practice

    Review the lesson for Sentence Structure Basics Help. Sentence Structure Basics Practice Simple Subjects Identify the simple subject in the following ...

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  • 100.

    Agreement in Sentences Help

    Subject-Verb Agreement Subjects and verbs must always be compatible in number and person. A singular subject—referring to only one person, place, or thing—must be coupled with a singular verb. Likewise, plural subjects—referring to more than ...

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