Get help with the writing process by selecting a topic. Writing study guides and writing exercises are provided for everything from outlining your essay to editing your final draft.

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    Thinking About Audience and Purpose Help

    Understanding Your Audience Imagine that you've been asked to write about your life-saving experience for the local hospital newsletter. You expect your audience to be adults, so you plan and draft your article in anticipation of that audience. But when you submit ...

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    Understanding the Assigned Topic Help

    Understanding the Assigned Topic This lesson explains how to break down an assignment to understand exactly what is required. Whether you like the freedom of choosing your own topic or prefer to ...

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    Freewriting and Listing Help

    Brainstorming Ideas How do you generate ideas? Some writers stare at a blank page waiting for inspiration, while others dive into a draft hoping ideas will come as they write. Both of these techniques take time and often result in disappointment. There are more ...

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    Writing, The 5 W's, and Mapping Help

    Asking Questions Asking "who, what, where, when, and why" is a formula that journalists, detectives, and researchers use to get a complete story. This technique is particularly useful when you're choosing an essay topic and when focusing a topic once ...

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    Choosing a Topic and Developing a Thesis Help

    Rules of Thumb for Choosing a Topic The writing process involves making many decisions. You begin by deciding what to write about. To ensure that you make a good choice, follow these four rules. The topic you choose must: be ...

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    Essay Writing Outlining and Organizational Strategies Help

    The Assertion → Support Structure Before discussing common organizational strategies, it's important to consider the underlying structure of essays. Whether an essay is organized by chronology, comparison and contrast, cause and effect, or some other ...

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    Logical Organizational Strategies for Essay Writing Help

    Organizational Strategies for Essays This lesson describes four more organizational strategies for essays: analysis/classification, order of importance, comparison and contrast, and problem → solution. In the previous lesson, you ...

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    Thesis Statements and the Drafting Process Help

    What Is Drafting? To draft means to create a preliminary version or rough form of a text. Preliminary and rough are the key words. Like brainstorming, drafting is most effective when you allow yourself to write imperfectly. Unless you're ...

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    Providing Support for Your Thesis Help

    Providing Support for Your Thesis Your thesis is as important as the evidence that supports it. This lesson describes six different strategies for supporting your assertions. The word friendly can be used to describe the ...

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    Strategies for Writing Convincing Essays Help

    Strategies for Writing Convincing Essays While strong evidence is essential for an effective essay, it may not be enough to make your essay convincing. This lesson offers several strategies to help make your essays more persuasive.

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