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    Writing Introduction Paragraphs Help

    Writing Introduction Paragraphs First impressions are important. This lesson explains the purpose of introductions and how to write a "hook" that grabs the reader's attention. Right or ...

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    Writing Conclusion Paragraphs Help

    What a Conclusion Should Do Like the introduction, the conclusion of an essay serves a specific function. Its job is to wrap things up in a way that makes readers feel satisfied with their reading experience. Writers create this sense of satisfaction by:

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    Revising the Big Picture of Your Essay Help

    Introduction to Revising Your Essay This lesson deals with the revision process. It shows you how to revise for three important "big picture" issues: fulfilling the assignment, stating a clear thesis, and providing ...

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    Revising Paragraphs Help

    Revising Paragraphs This lesson on the revision process shows you how to revise paragraphs for more effective organization and transitions. You'll also learn how to strengthen individual paragraphs. The next ...

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    Editing at the Sentence Level Help

    Introduction to Editing Your Essay To edit your essay effectively, you'll need to read each paragraph a number of times, paying careful attention to your sentences and the words that comprise them. While some students edit well on the ...

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    Preparing for an Essay Exam Help

    Introduction to Preparing for Essay Exams Essay exams are stressful. You have to come up with a well-written piece under a strict time restraint in a room crowded with other students. How can you alleviate some of that stress and walk into the testing room with ...

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    Essay Exam Time Management Strategy Help

    Drafting Because you're writing under a strict time restraint, essay scorers don't expect your essay to be perfect. However, they don't expect a sloppy first draft that needs plenty of revising, either. Think instead of creating a "polished rough draft," ...

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    Sample Essay Exam Questions and Answers Help

    Sample Essay Exam #1 The photograph or picture that moved me the most is

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    General Essay Writing Practice Test

    General Essay Writing Practice Test To gauge your essay-writing skills and your understanding of the writing process, take the following practice test. Though the questions differ from those on the

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    Thinking about Audience and Purpose Practice

    Review the lesson for Thinking About Audience and Purpose Help. Thinking about Audience and Purpose Practice Practice 1

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