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Reading, Writing, & Grammar Help

Get reading, writing, and grammar help to succeed in English language arts class. Find study help and practice exercises by selecting a topic below. From grammar and spelling to reading comprehension and essay writing, you will find the “write” materials you need to excel.

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  • 401.

    Research and Writing Skills Success Practice Test

    Research and Writing Skills Success Practice Test Before you begin the steps it takes to write a research paper, it is a good idea to find out how much you know about the research process. This practice test is designed to ask you some basic ...

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  • 402.

    Establishing Tone with Word Choice Help

    Establishing a Persuasive Tone and Writing Style Once you have a thesis that hooks your reader and compels him or her to continue reading, making the rest of your writing as convincing and strong as your opening argument is just as important. This lesson will help ...

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  • 403.

    Emotional Versus Logical Appeals Help

    Emotional Versus Logical Appeals This lesson will cover how to make your argument logical as well as persuasive for your reader. This lesson will also help you distinguish between emotional writing and logical or factual writing. It ...

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  • 404.

    Distinguishing Fact from Opinion Help

    Distinguishing Fact From Opinion Just as you learned the value of a logical argument supported by emotional conviction and based upon facts and hard evidence in Emotional Versus Logical ...

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  • 405.

    Spelling Rules Help

    Spelling Rules In the English language, if you simply wrote words the way they sound, you'd come up with some very peculiar spellings. If you tried to sound out every word and pronounce it exactly the way it's written, you'd come up with some ...

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  • 406.

    Spelling Rules Practice

    Read the following study guide for a concept review Spelling Rules Help Spelling Rules Practice Spelling Rules Practice1 Circle the word in the parentheses that is ...

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  • 407.

    Thinking About Audience and Purpose Help

    Understanding Your Audience Imagine that you've been asked to write about your life-saving experience for the local hospital newsletter. You expect your audience to be adults, so you plan and draft your article in anticipation of that audience. But when you submit ...

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  • 408.

    Vocabulary and Prefix Help

    Prefix Help In order to be able to unlock the meaning of many words in the English language, it is useful for you to understand what a prefix is. A prefix is a word part at the beginning of a word that changes or adds to the meaning of the root ...

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  • 409.

    Understanding the Assigned Topic Help

    Understanding the Assigned Topic This lesson explains how to break down an assignment to understand exactly what is required. Whether you like the freedom of choosing your own topic or prefer to ...

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  • 410.

    Vocabulary and Prefix Practice

    Read the following study guide for a concept review: Vocabulary and Prefix Help Vocabulary and Prefix Practice Words in Context The following exercise will help you figure out ...

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