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    What Is Heat? Help

    Introduction When a confined sample of gas gets hotter, its pressure increases. The converse of this is also true: When a gas is put under increasing pressure, it gets hotter. However, what do we mean when we talk about heat and ...

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    Some Effects of Temperature Help

    Introduction Temperature can affect the volume of or the pressure exerted by a sample of matter. You are familiar with the fact that most metals expand when they are heated; some expand more than others. Temperature, ...

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    Temperature and States of Matter Help

    Introduction When matter is heated or cooled, it often does things other than simply expanding or contracting, or exerting increased or decreased pressure. Sometimes it undergoes a change of state . This happens when solid ice melts ...

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    Temperature, Pressure, And Changes Of State Practice Test

    Review the following concepts if needed: What Is Heat? Help

    Source: McGraw-Hill Professional
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    Thermochemistry Study Guide

    Introduction Thermodynamics is the study of energy and its processes. Energy can exist aspotential energy (an object at rest) or kinetic energy (an object in motion). Chemical energy, a form of kinetic energy, can be calculated ...

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    Thermochemistry Practice Questions

    Review the following concepts if needed - Thermochemistry Study Guide Practice Problems ...

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    Thermodynamics Study Guide

    Introduction The purpose of this lesson is to take this knowledge one step forward and put into law some of the "natural" behaviors of fluids when they exchange heat with their surroundings–the law of thermodynamics. Thermodynamics is a ...

    Source: LearningExpress, LLC
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    Thermodynamics Practice Questions

    Review these concepts at: Thermodynamics Study Guide Practice Questions What do you think: Is work a quantity of state or of process? If the temperature and number ...

    Source: LearningExpress, LLC
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