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    Waves Study Guide

    Introduction This lesson studies the general characteristics of waves such as frequency, speed, and wavelength; sound waves and propagation in a medium; and electromagnetic waves and electromagnetic spectrum. Characteristics of a ...

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    Diffraction and Interference Study Guide

    Introduction In this lesson, we will address the second approach to the concept of light: waves. We will study the superposition principle, diffraction, Huygens' principle, constructive and destructive interference, diffraction gratings, and polarization.

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    Waves Practice Questions

    Review these concepts at: Waves Study Guide Practice Questions The speed of a radio wave is 3 · 105 km/s and the frequency is 104 Hz. Find the wavelength and the ...

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  • 14.

    Diffraction and Interference Practice Questions

    Review these concepts at: Diffraction and Interference Study Guide Practice Questions Consider two sources emitting waves and two waves meeting in a region of space. The ...

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