Pre-Algebra: Whole Numbers Help and Practice Problems

Find study help on whole numbers for pre-algebra. Use the links below to select the specific area of whole numbers you're looking for help with. Each guide comes complete with an explanation, example problems, and practice problems with solutions to help you learn whole numbers for pre-algebra.

Study Guides

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    Multiplication of Whole Numbers Help

    Multiplication of Whole Numbers In multiplication, the top number is called the multiplicand . The number directly below it is called the multiplier . The answer in multiplication is called the ...

    Source: McGraw-Hill Professional
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    Whole Numbers Practice Test

    Review the following concepts if needed: Naming Numbers Help Rounding Numbers Help

    Source: McGraw-Hill Professional
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    Numbers and Arithmetic Help

    Introduction to Numbers and Arithmetic Mathematics is expressed in language alien to people unfamiliar with it. Someone talking about mathematics can sound like a rocket scientist. Written mathematical documents are often laden with symbology. ...

    Source: McGraw-Hill Professional
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    Set Intersection, Union and Subsets Help

    Sets—Intersections and Unions A set is a collection or group of definable elements or members . Set elements commonly include: points on a line instants in ...

    Source: McGraw-Hill Professional
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    Numbering Systems Help

    Numbers vs. Numerals A number is an abstract expression of a quantity. Mathematicians define numbers in terms of sets containing sets. All the known numbers can be built up from a starting point of zero. Numerals are the ...

    Source: McGraw-Hill Professional
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    Rational, Irrational, and Real Numbers Help

    Introduction to Rational, Irrational, and Real Numbers The natural numbers, or counting numbers, have plenty of interesting properties. But when we start dividing them by one another or performing fancy operations on them like square roots, ...

    Source: McGraw-Hill Professional
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    Number Terminology Study Guide

    Find practice problems and solutions for these concepts at Number Terminology Practice Problems. What's Around The Bend Counting Numbers Integers ...

    Source: LearningExpress, LLC
  • 8.

    Number Terminology Practice Problems

    To review these concepts, go to Number Terminology Study Guide. Practice Directions: Use scratch paper to solve the following problems. Write the number 1 billion, 234 ...

    Source: LearningExpress, LLC

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