Writing Your First Draft Report

Get study help for writing your first draft report. Report writing study guides and practice exercises for writing the first draft of your report.

Study Guides

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    Establishing Tone with Word Choice Help

    Establishing a Persuasive Tone and Writing Style Once you have a thesis that hooks your reader and compels him or her to continue reading, making the rest of your writing as convincing and strong as your opening argument is just as important. This lesson will help ...

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    Emotional Versus Logical Appeals Help

    Emotional Versus Logical Appeals This lesson will cover how to make your argument logical as well as persuasive for your reader. This lesson will also help you distinguish between emotional writing and logical or factual writing. It ...

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    Distinguishing Fact from Opinion Help

    Distinguishing Fact From Opinion Just as you learned the value of a logical argument supported by emotional conviction and based upon facts and hard evidence in Emotional Versus Logical ...

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