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In this section you'll find study materials for trigonometry help. Use the links below to find the area of trigonometry you're looking for help with. Each study guide comes complete with an explanation, example problems, and practice problems with solutions to help you learn trigonometry.

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    Compression and Conversion Help

    Geometric Polar Plane Figure 5-12 shows a variant of the polar coordinate plane on which the radial scale is graduated geometrically, rather than in linear fashion. The point corresponding to 1 on the r axis is halfway between the ...

    Source: McGraw-Hill Professional
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    The Navigator’s Way Help

    Introduction to the Navigator's Way Navigators and military people use a coordinate plane similar to the one preferred by mathematicians. The radius is called the range, and real-world units are commonly specified, such as meters (m) ...

    Source: McGraw-Hill Professional
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    Trigonometry and Polar Coordinates Practice Test

    Review the following concepts if needed: The Polar Coordinate Plane Help

    Source: McGraw-Hill Professional
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    Three-Space and Vectors Practice Test

    Review the following concepts if needed: Spatial Coordinates Help

    Source: McGraw-Hill Professional
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    Spatial Coordinates Help

    Latitude And Longitude Latitude and longitude are directional angles that uniquely define the positions of points on the surface of a sphere or in the sky. The scheme for geographic locations on the earth is illustrated in ...

    Source: McGraw-Hill Professional
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    Plane Vectors Help

    Vectors in the Cartesian Plane A vector is a mathematical expression for a quantity with two independent properties: magnitude and direction . Vectors are used to represent physical variables such as displacement, ...

    Source: McGraw-Hill Professional
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    Vectors in the Polar Plane Help

    Vectors in the Polar Plane In the mathematician’s polar coordinate plane, vectors a and b can be denoted as rays from the origin (0,0) to points ( θ

    Source: McGraw-Hill Professional
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    Vectors in 3D Help

    Vectors in 3D In rectangular xyz -space, vectors a and b can be denoted as rays from the origin (0,0,0) to points ( x a , y

    Source: McGraw-Hill Professional
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    What Is Trigonometry Practice Test

    Practice quizzes for this test can be found at: The Circle Model Practice Test ...

    Source: McGraw-Hill Professional
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    Subscripts and Superscripts Help

    Introduction to Subscripts and Superscripts Scientists, engineers, and other technical people use scientific notation to express the extreme quantitative values they encounter. In real-world applications, trigonometry often involves ...

    Source: McGraw-Hill Professional

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